Are you involved in a charity or non profit organization and looking for an effective and risk free way to raise money?

Why not have a Diggidy's Day for your group. Here is how it works, you pass out flyers or coupons and every purchase made with them on your chosen fundraising day at Diggidy's earns your organization a percentage right off the top.

Having a special event or sports event with a larger crowd? Diggidys can bring our mobile smoothie stand and Diggidy Mobile and sell smoothies and your organization can take a percentage.

We have also had for example sports teams stand outside and hold home made signs promoting their fundraiser event and take a percentage of every single sale. There are many creative ways to have a fundraiser at Diggidy's. It is a fun and easy way to raise money with very little effort or expense. Call to discuss your next fundraiser event.

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